Terms of service

Welcome to Cuts.top, where links are made small,
Where we value security and uphold it all.
In our Terms of Service, we firmly state,
Actions and links that we won't tolerate.

Spamming, phishing, and fraudulent schemes,
Links to casinos, pharmacies, adult themes,
Any websites violating the law's decree,
These activities are strictly prohibited, you see.

If you come across such violations, my friend,
Report them promptly, let our support attend.
Short URLs leading to phishing or unlawful sites,
Email support@cuts.top, shed the light.

As an URL shortener, we take pride,
In maintaining a platform where trust can reside.
Shorten your links, make them concise,
But let's ensure they're used wisely, precise.

Cuts.top promotes a safe and secure space,
Where compliance with laws takes precedence.
Together, we'll build a community strong,
Where responsible link usage belongs.

Remember, our Terms of Service guide,
To create an environment where trust can abide.
Short urls, short links, we make them grand,
With your cooperation, we'll keep our platform in hand.